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I'm going... away. Yes.

[ooc: He's heading for the beach. The Luggage will be dealing with any plague rats that think they'll be infecting him.]
wizzard_plz: (morose)
For the record I hate you all except Carmine even more today.

It's the curse making me say that. Yes.
wizzard_plz: (h'oh shit!)

I hate you all. Why? Why? Whywhywhy? Oh sure, everyone's a wizard now. Damn.
wizzard_plz: (in a tree)

I'll be just staying... in today. Very in. So in you all can just pretend I never existed.


Apr. 15th, 2008 08:04 am
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[A box with many legs runs from deck to deck searching for its owner. Those who get in the way may find themselves eaten.]

[ooc: If you need a means of being rescued, the Luggage will be "eating" people (think TARDIS for the inside of the Luggage size-wise) and spitting them back out post-curse. Rincewind is currently locked in a freezer and will be completely unaware that the Luggage may have done anything vaguely heroic.]
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What did I say? What? Did I say that calling a ship unsinkable was just asking for trouble? Why, yes, I think I did.
wizzard_plz: (asldfja;aghfhg!!!!)
What's the word for it? When you're seeing things you've seen before? In flashes? Back in time?

wizzard_plz: (hmpf)
Oh hah, hah, hah.

Rinse. Wind.

Yes, I get it.

Very funny.

But I'm freezing. Every time the wind dries me off, I get doused again.
wizzard_plz: (bloody destiny)
Of course. I become a woman and...

I'm definitely not pregnant.

Very funny.
wizzard_plz: (i don't even remember walking under a mi)
Bad luck?

You think you're having bad luck?

Filtered away from Vetinari
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At least it isn't Fourecks.

I'd just about murder for some curry.

How does the luggage not get blisters on all its feet?

I need a better hat.

With more sequins.

And sparkles.

That'd show old Ridcully.

I wish Ridcully would come here.

Non-IC cut for great justice and stream of consciousness )

[ooc: Hey, stream of consciousness goes a long way. Consider this a voice post complete with mutters, Rincewind bumping into people on the street, and occasional coughs, sniffles, and assorted human noises.]
wizzard_plz: (smile? no f'in way!)
I... feel wonderful! Wonderful!

Carmine, would you like to come out with me? We can, I don't know, go for a walk? See one of those moving picture things. Have some potatoes lunch?

Don't mind the Luggage, it's in a good mood, too.
wizzard_plz: (computer - divide by cucumber)

But... I'm not dead!

Am I?

And as for the rest of these cards... I don't think it's very funny calling me cannon fodder. I can't help my scars, and I don't know what a Luddite is, thank you very much.
wizzard_plz: (morose)

Why? Why? Why?

Isn't there a city in Quirm like this?


[ooc: Anyone who wants to see Rincewind floating by sitting atop the Luggage, feel free.]
wizzard_plz: (ruuuuuuun!)
I'm not immortal! I swear!


[gasp, whimper, little shriek, pattering feet]

No! I said--

[louder shriek]




[yelp and the sound of many running feet]

About time!

[the sound of some...one(?) being trampled into the ground]

Now let's get out of here!
wizzard_plz: (the luggage)

The Luggage is pleased
The Luggage is pleased

[ooc: The Luggage is proud of itself.]
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